Wednesday, December 19, 2012


First post then!

Ordered a cheap strat copy to fanangle with (swirl paintjob, scallop neck, and practise various other repairs/mods). 6000 yen via! Considering how cheap (a couple of quid shy of 45 pounds!), it's not the most horrible guitar in the world. Stock pups are fairly quiet and sound alright, fair amount of sustain, reasonable tone. A few flaws, but that's expected and part of the fixy-uppu fun!

Some pics:

 A box...
 Opens to reveal a case...
 Which opens to reveal a bag...
 Which opens to show a guitar!
 Playtech... No idea where they're made but who cares.
 Three ply guard is a nice touch. As are the raised pole pieces.
 First maple board I've owned
 Doesn't show well in the picture, but there are paint imperfections around the jack plate
 Filler in the fret slots...Hmm...
"Accessory pack" including trem arm, store branded pick, and truss rod key. No allen key for the bridge saddles, though considering the market for these guitars, it's pretty lucky they even bothered with the truss key.

And that's about it! Not a lot of point getting into depth, as it's soon to be dismantled and stripped. If that wasn't the case, definitely needs as set up, intonation and neck bow tweaking etc. The adventure begins...

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